Health the Only Wealth

Health is the only capital we have with this body which we are taking care of everyday. What will happen if we lost our health and this body become weak due to illness and diseases which was obtained by too much abuse which we have done in it. Can we still regain the good health which we have before? 
So, we should always put in mind that health is the only wealth we have.

People think that they have lots of money that even if they engage in different vices that will abuse their health still they can recover because they have money to be use during the time they loose their good health. Don't be too sure with that because there are many diseases and illnesses which is the effect of health abuse that cannot be cure eventhough you will spend thousands of dollars. To tell you, many people died because of those diseases.

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Some people say that they doesn't care about their health, as long as they live they should spend their entire life enjoying, engaging in different vices such as, alcohol, cigarettes, and even drugs which is the worst enemy of our health. For them, these are just the thing that can give them satisfaction in life. They won't even think of the effects of it which the worst is cancer. They did not even think that when their health diminish they can't regain it anymore. Anyway, its up to them to think over with these small advice, to start weighing the positive and negative effect.

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Health is the only wealth we have. When we lose this, it seems that we are completely paralized. So, we should know how to take care of our health. The only capital that will give meaning and beauty to our body.

Always remember “Only one health we have, if we lose it be sure you can regain it, if not all I can say is the only word (SORRY) just wait for your turn to leave this world”. It's you who knows how to manage the only wealth God has given you.

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