The eyes are probably the most important yet the least understood of man's sensory organ. It is use to see the beauty of the earth which our Creator had made. It is initiator of action, it is used to detect the surroundings if it's light or dark. We should be thankful that God gives us eyes, which is the most important part of our body.
Some people were born with eyes but cannot see. They cannot behold how wonderful the world is, which God has created. They cannot appreciate the beauty of nature. They cannot even see the different colors and designs which this wonderful world have.

God did gave us two eyes, we should learn how to take care of them.
Taking care of our eyes helps maintain a good vision. If we abuse it, we
are trying to lose our vision.

The eyes are the most important yet a very sensitive part of our body. Often we encounter common problems with our eyes. If we love our eyes we should know how to take care of them and know the right treatment.

Ways in taking care of our eyes

-we should eat the right kind of food which will give nutrients to our eyes.

-take enough rest in order for your eyes to be relax.

-always cover your eyes when working with chemicals and other substance which you know can affect your eyes.

-visit an eye specialist if ever you feel you have problem with your eyes.

Always remember you only have a pair of eyes, if you don't know how to take care of them you are having the chance of losing them.

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